RCIA Calendar 2021-2022

St. Joseph Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults 

2021-2022 Schedule

Spiritual Life Coordinator:  Becky Sheridan ~ 812-385-2617 ~ [email protected] 

Sessions are Sundays in the Celestin Center 9:00-10:15 a.m. (immediately preceding the10:30 a.m. Mass)

Inquiry & Pre-Catechumenate Period:

09/19/21     Welcoming, What is RCIA?

09/26/21     Mental Images of God; How God Invites Us to Grow

10/03/21     Journey of Faith:  Trinity, Faith, and the God Who Is Love / Prayer

10/10/21     Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us and the Compass of our Lives

10/17/21     NO SESSION

10/24/21     The Bible:  God's Love Letter to Humanity

10/31/21     Mary and the Saints:  Our Spiritual Mother and the Communion of the Saints

11/07/21     The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall, & Redemption

11/14/21      The Last Things:  What Happens After We Die?


Catechumenate Period

11/28/21     Who is Jesus?  Just a Good Man, or Lord of Our Lives?

                   Rite of Acceptance (Catechumens) / Welcoming (Candidates) 10:30 Mass

12/05/21    The Paschal Mystery:  The Mystery of Jesus' Death and Resurrection

12/12/21     Walk through the Mass:  Exploring the Sacred Liturgy / Church Tour

12/19/21     Why do I Need the Church?  The Mystery of the Catholic Church

12/26/21     No Session ~ Merry Christmas!!

01/02/22     No Session ~ Happy New Year!!

01/09/22     The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace:  God's Divine Life Within Us

01/16/22     The Sacraments:  Baptism & Confirmation

01/23/22     The Eucharist:  Source & Summit of Christian Life

01/29/22     (Saturday) RCIA RETREAT at the Diocese of Evansville Catholic Center in Evansville @ TBA

01/30/22     Penance and Anointing of the Sick:  God's Mercy Revealed

02/06/22     NO SESSION

02/13/22     Matrimony and Holy Orders: The Sacraments of Service & Communion

02/20/22     A Love That Lasts:  The Call to Self-Giving Love

02/27/22     A Love That Lasts:  God's Plan for Sexuality

                   03/02/22  ASH WEDNESDAY MASS @ TBA

Purification & Enlightenment Period

03/06/22     A Catholic Moral Vision:  Virtue, Grace & the Path to Happiness

                   Rite of Sending @ 10:30 Sunday Mass / Rite of Election St. Benedict Cathedral TBA

03/13/22     Kingdom of God/Ten Commandments/Beatitudes / Penitential Rite (Candidates)  10:30 Mass

03/20/22     Nicene Creed / The Woman at the Well / Scrutiny I (Catechumens)  10:30 Mass

03/27/22     The Lord's Prayer / Man Blind from Birth / Scrutiny II (Catechumens) at 10:30 Mass

04/03/22     Lazarus/Holy Week/Palm Sunday/Triduum / Scrutiny III (Catechumens) at 10:30 Mass

04/10/22     NO SESSION  Palm Sunday  Holy Week Begins

                   04/12/22     Chrism Mass at St. Benedict Cathedral @ TBA

04/14/22     Holy Thursday Mass @ TBA

04/15/22     Good Friday Service @ TBA

04/16/22    Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil @ TBA

04/17/22    Easter Sunday ~ No Session ~ Happy Easter!

Mystagogia Period

04/24/22    Catholic Social Teaching: Building a Civilization of Love/Divine Mercy Sunday

05/01/22    Catholic Social Teaching:  Protecting the Dignity of the Human Person

05/08/22    Conversion: A Lifelong Process / Evangelization / Gifts & Talents