RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip - St. Mary Parish School, Menomonee Falls,  Wisconsin

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What are SCRIP Cards?

SCRIP cards are gift cards that we sell here in the parish.  Retailers make gift cards available for us to sell to you. The retailers then give the parish rebates for selling the gift card.  This rebate is split between the parish and YOUR tuition accounts.  The amount of the rebate is set by each individual retailer.

Currently we carry 55 different gift cards for local retailers that are available in the parish office on a daily basis. We can also order cards from over 750 other nationwide retailers.  Physical cards are available through the school.  Physical, E-Cards and Reloadable cards are available on the “Raise Right” mobile app.  Cards ordered through St. Joseph are ordered on Monday for pick-up on Friday.  See the complete list at

Cards can be purchased by cash, check or you can set up an online account with the “Raise Right” mobile app. enabling you to purchase with your debit/credit cards or your personal bank account.  Please contact us at 812-385-2617 for the code to set up an online account.