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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bishop Robert Barron

Precisely in the measure that everyone in the family focuses on God’s call for one another, the family becomes more loving and peaceful.

The New Apologetics: Defending the Faith in a Post-Christian Era

Jared Zimmerer

new apologetics

Matthew Nelson's "The New Apologetics" is a kind of intellectual and tactical map for the apologist who wants to be heard in today’s world.

The Sacred Heart and Our Need for Intimacy

Fr. Billy Swan

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, what God offers us through his heart is this gift of intimacy with him.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Bishop Robert Barron

Why would God fret over one little soul like the shepherd about one sheep? God is as crazy for you as if you were the only one in the world.

Gloria Purvis: Racism, Human Dignity, and the Catholic Church in America – Part Two

Word on Fire

sin of racism

In part two, Gloria Purvis explores how the sin of racism prevents human flourishing and harms the common good.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bishop Robert Barron

We are destined for union with the Word of God, but we don’t get it. Why do we run after everything but Christ?

Episode Sixteen: “Adoro Te Devote” – Classic Poetry with Jonathan Roumie

Word on Fire

Adoro Te Devote

In episode 16 of "Classic Poetry," Jonathan Roumie reads Gerard Manley Hopkins’ translation of St. Thomas Aquinas’ hymn “Adoro Te Devote.”

Following Jesus Comes First

Bishop Robert Barron

We see that if following Jesus is unambiguously at the center of your life, everything else has to find its place in relation to him.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Bishop Robert Barron

When is the Spirit present? When the fruits of the Holy Spirit are awakened and sustained; when our souls are made great.

Reflecting on World Refugee Day, USCCB’s Migration Chairman Encourages Proactive Response to Forced Displacement

WASHINGTON - World Refugee Day, observed in the United States and around the world on June 20, was established by the United Nations to increase awareness of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. Catholic dioceses, parishes, and organizations across the globe commemorated this annual event, celebrating the positive contributions of refugees and the efforts of communities to welcome them.

Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of Washington and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Migration, issued the following statement:

“Almost seventy years ago, in his apostolic constitution Exsul Familia, Pope Pius XII boldly proclaimed that the ‘Holy Family of Nazareth, fleeing into Egypt, is the archetype of every refugee family.’ In the aftermath of World War II, that image of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph seeking safety had been the lived reality of millions. Today, that number has grown to surpass any other point in history, propelled by the ravages of war, persecution, famine, and other tragedies. This is the persistent nature of forced displacement, and it requires a proactive response.

“As we work now to support those displaced by the war in Ukraine, we continue to urge a more robust use of the Refugee Admissions Program, which is designed to ensure the long-term integration and self-sufficiency of newly arrived refugees. Consistent with those same goals, we renew our appeal for Congress to pass legislation that would provide a pathway to permanent legal status for our new Afghan neighbors. Finally, we reaffirm the importance of asylum as a vital mechanism for humanitarian protection.

“May the Holy Family serve as a source of hope and strength for all those seeking safety, and may we who are called to know, love, and serve God recognize him in those displaced.”

The USCCB, through its Department of Migration and Refugee Services, is one of nine national  resettlement agencies supporting the Refugee Admissions Program. Through this work, the Catholic Church in the United States answers Christ’s call to welcome the stranger and carries out the Church’s commitment to protecting the life and dignity of every human person, from the moment of conception to natural death.

Resources related to World Refugee Day, Ukraine, and other topics can be found on the Justice for Immigrants website.


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